Sreekisan Pannalall, house of chemicals


We have been serving customers since 1962. This makes us one of the oldest Chemicals Marketing Company in Kolkata. In the past 50+ years we have served hundreds of clients (companies) in eastern India and can boast about beating competition to retain some clients for as long as 20 years. The company has endured the test of time and the secret to our success is transparency and unparalleled customer service to build relationship.


Our vision is to remain the most preferred customer/vendor and our mission is to become a 100 cr company by 2024.

The Story

More than 50 years in the industry, we have stood our ground. Sometimes we did great other times not so much. But it had never witnessed the rate of growth as it had in 2017. The company had been consistently growing at about 30% for the past 3 years. This unprecedented growth was triggered by increase in the number of product offering through imports as the company partnered with chemical manufacturing companies from around the world to distribute chemicals in eastern India. The markets have not been very condusive for the past couple of years therefore, the company growth has paused and to be honest it has taken a hit. But here we stand to pass the low and rise again. Mission 2024.

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